J. Nicogossian, VP Fundraiser – trained anthropologist in the field of health innovation. Engaged with public stakeholders, patient associations and manufacturers (large groups and SMEs) for a detailed understanding of the health needs of people (intrinsic properties of the disease, representation systems, value systems).

The “health” impact is civilizational, concerns us all, respecting our diversity and our beliefs. With the new paradigm of 5P medicine, care of the life course includes its two passages of life, birth and death. Patient stories are our stories. We are in quest for meaning in an ever- changing world.

Start with a detailed understanding of the needs to combine the challenges of the physical world (and traditional practices) with those of the virtual world. Convinced of the possible improvement in the health service provided thanks to hybrid care tools. Specializing in philanthropic fundraising to give meaning, serve values and be able to co-evolve in different systems of representation in a clear and convincing way. Around these innovative projects, an ecosystem of donors, changemakers and global optimists who are moving forward in a world of health in permanent transformation to create a prosperous, equitable and sustainable future for all, by and for humans.

A gratitude to measure.