AMBASSADORS are exceptional individuals who embody by their personnalities and achievements the values, actions, events, ambitions and solutions of the Academia, related to their field of fame. AMBASSADORS benefit from exceptional exposure at global events, such as international Movie Festival (Cannes, Venise, Berlin, New-York, etc.), World Expo Dubai 2020, etc. AMBASSADORS are oustanding referees of ACADEMIA for a BETTER WORLD Global Challenges according to their fields of expertise, types of activities and accomplishments.

Sylvie Retailleau

Ambassador "Higher Education"
Minister of Research and Higher Education, MESRI, France

Pierre Erwes

Ambassador "Blue Economy"
Chairman - Bio Marine Business Convention

Pierre Loïc Caijo

Ambassador "Sustainability Financing"
CEO - Adiant Capital

Marc-Lionel Gatto

Ambassador "Start-Ups for People & Planet"
CEO - MyGlobalVilllage

Fouzia Taouzari

Ambassador "Mental Health"
Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst

Eric Vibert

Ambassador "Augmented Health"
Prof-Surgeon, Chairman - "France Augmented Surgery"

Dr. Raphael Nagel

Ambassador "Impact Investment"
Chairman - Abrahamic Business Circle.

Jan Borm

Ambassador "Arctic & Antartic Poles
Prof., Director - International Arctic Institute

Clara Maghani

Ambassador "Justice for ALL"
Expert - World Bank Group Public Sector

Jean-Claude Girot

Ambassador "Sustainable Mobility"
General Chairman Paris Motor Show

Jaqueline Bergeron

Ambassador "Participating Governance"
President Erasmus Expertise

Alex Asakitikpi

Ambassador "Citizenship & Democracy"
Head of Social Science School Institute of Education, SA

Flore Vasseur

Movie Director, "Bigger than Us"
Ambassador "Cinema for People & Planet"

Yvan Bourgnon

Chairman & Founder The SeaCleaners
Ambassador "Ocean Protection"

Julia Chaouachi

Actress, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
Ambassador "Actors for Planet"

Christophe Prud'homme

Chef Sans Frontière for Dubai Northern Emirates
Ambassador "Sustainable Food & Gastronomy"