2Bunicorn for Blue economy World Challenge

Challenges. The first Academia for a Better World Challenge open to “2BUnicorn” companies providing the most innovative solutions worldwide to protect the ocean and leveraging the blue economy
was launched on February 24 2022. After a unique due diligence performed by 3H-Impulse Company, two start-ups ZALG and FinX have been selected as the 2BUnicorn for blue economy 2022 Nominees.
They both embodie the sustainability values of the Academia for a Better World, while carrying world premiere solutions and exponential growth potential.
  • ZALG converts algae into « superfood » for mainstream consumption, reducing drastically the carbon print of food chain. 
  • FinX is building a revolutionary marine, propellerless & bladeless bio-inspired engine, mimics the jelly fish propulsion.
The award ceremony will take place during an exceptional Gala event at the French Pavilion of the World exhibition – Dubai 2020, on March 26 evening where the final winner will be unveiled.

Nominee 1. ZALG

 From Algae to SuperFood

Nominee 2. FinX

Bio-inspired marine Engine

Academia for a Better World launches a Philanthropic donation campaign to foster the deployment of the most disruptive solutions that protects the OceanYour donation matters and helps to make the World a better place.

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